"She offers us an original outlook on ancient ground — what any artist hopes to achieve." - New York Times Book Review

"The Girl Who Fell to Earth marks the end of Dubai-bashing as a credible journalistic sport. The Gulf’s tough-minded, smart-mouthed, critical and erudite avant-garde has arrived." - Daily Star Lebanon

“… wry, eloquent … her commentary gets it exactly right.” - Booklist

"Her story is a satisfying trek through a complex cross-cultural landscape toward a creative and satisfying life." - Publishers Weekly  

"Although it is premature to call someone’s first book a “great work,” The Girl Who Fell To Earth deftly succeeds in creating a decentered genre." - e-flux

"Daring, witty, and brimming with the unexpected, Sophia Al-Maria’s riveting memoir is as much about America as it is [about] the Arab world. Chronicling a coming-of-age between Washington State, Doha, and Cairo, this bracing first book startles and illuminates." - Yasmine El Rashidi author of The Battle for Egypt

“Riveting … From an intimate vantage point, Al-Maria sees and translates challenges that the Bedouin, who lived for ages in the desert navigating by the stars, now face in the era of big cities and washers and dryers. What makes Al-Maria’s story unique is not only its rare insider’s glimpse of modern Bedouin life, but the outsider’s sensibility that magnifies her exquisite observational gifts.” - Kirkus Review (★ review)

"Sophia's unusual upbringing has pushed her to the outer edges of modern identity ... This book can easily alter the way you see the early twenty-first century." - Douglas Coupland bestselling author of Generation XJPod & Hey, Nostradamus